DKF Red and Black Angus Good Cattle Do Not Cost.... They Pay!


Welcome to DKF Red and Black Angus!

We used Red Angus bulls on our commercial herd for many years, then in the fall of 1986, we purchased 8 registered Red Angus cows... DKF Red Angus was born.


DKF has now evolved to where we breed 250+ cows. The number we started with, or the number we have now, really does not matter. It's QUALITY that is important and that is what you will find at DKF RED AND BLACK ANGUS - QUALITY and SERVICE.


DKF is constantly striving to improve our cattle in many ways...

We have a very tough, year round culling program. We use a few new sires each year, purchase embryos and especially by creating new blood lines, using black angus genetics. The first new bloodline, was born in 1996 - DKF Wham 5F - who is now a Canadian Angus Elite sire. We call his red progeny, Ryeburns.


We igenity test our blacks so you know for sure if they are homozygous black or carry a red gene, depending on what you personally are looking for. We believe in raising cattle that will work in many different programs.


Cattle are #1 for us, however, we also sell various other cattle related items. Anything we sell, we use ourselves. We only sell what we believe in and boy, do we believe in ANGUS!


BULLS sell at DKF Ranch anytime of the year. All bulls are semen tested.


FEMALES sell at DKF Ranch year round.


You can pick your animals - Bull, Heifer, Cow/Calf pairs - whatever you like ANYTIME. Delivery when it works for us all. Cow/Calf pairs are both commercial and registered price.


We know that happy customers are the best advertising. We strive to have satisfied customers now and for many years to come.

The Welcome Mat is never put away... so come for a visit, a tour or phone. We will be pleased to help you any way we can.


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Dwayne & Karen Fettes

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